The Naked Guide to Cider

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The Naked Guide to Cider (and perry) by James Russell is a complete guide to how to make and enjoy cider across the UK. It features an area guide to all the main cider-producing regions, pub and equipment listings, website references plus sections on cider history, cider culture and a step-by-step guide on how to make cider with tips and advice from expert craft cider makers.

Here's some more about the book…

As the apples begin to ripen, thousands of people are asking themselves ‘I wonder if I can make cider out of those?’

The answer is a resounding Yes! and The Naked Guide to Cider shows you how to do it. The book’s premise is that anybody can make cider out of any apple. It’s that easy. Of course, to make very good cider you need very good apples and a great deal of skill and The Naked Guide to Cider contains profiles of many of the country’s most accomplished craft cider and perry makers many of whom share their tips and hints.

The Naked Guide to Cider also contains an area-by-area guide to all of Britain’s cider-making regions, chapters offering an entertaining, in-depth introduction to cider culture and history, and a comprehensive listings section which will be invaluable for makers and drinkers alike. Illustrated throughout with a host of fabulous cider-related images, The Naked Guide to Cider also features high quality colour photographs by Neil Phillips, Bill Bradshaw, Beezer and Stephen Morris.

This is the third in the Naked Guide series alongside The Naked Guide to Bristol and The  Naked Guide to Bath. It is sponsored by Thatchers, one of the country’s leading family cider makers. The Naked Guides set out to be sharp, informative and witty guide books, packed with information.

Martin Thatcher, Managing Director of Thatchers said: “The Naked Guides are a well established brand and the modern, witty but informative tone is ideal for the new generation of cider drinkers.”

The author of The Naked Guide to Cider is James Russell, an acknowledged authority on cider and orchards, who has written on the subject for Geographical Magazine, The Daily Telegraph and other publications. Manmade Eden (Redcliffe Press, 2007), his groundbreaking history of orchards, was dubbed ‘a hugely enjoyable read’ by BBC Countryfile Magazine.

James’s other books cover environmental issues, history and art; they include How to Turn Your Parents Green (Tangent Books, 2007) and Discovering Harbourside (Redcliffe Press, 2010). Ravilious in Pictures: Sussex and the Downs (Mainstone Press) has taken the art world by storm since its publication in December 2009. The Daily Telegraph’s Stella Magazine said, ‘We were thrilled… Beautiful…’